Service to Others

Backpack Blessings!

We want say a very special THANK YOU to the staff of Palm Garden of Ocala. They prepared some very nice backpacks filled with all kinds of important school supplies! This will be a HUGE blessing to the children of Helping Hands! Pictured above is the Assistant Director of Palm Gardens delivering the backpacks to Nigel. Thank you Palm Garden of Ocala for caring about our children!
For more information about Helping Hands, go (

Community Outreach

We delivered 17 candy and toy filled pumpkins to our Helping Hands Kids, October 2016.

staff members with stuffed toy pumpkins to donate

Art Show and Auction

people surveying art work display display of art work

Helping Hands

We have adopted a not-for-profit agency “Helping Hands” that provides help for the homeless and others in crisis (esp. women and children). Our Business Development Committee obtained the name and ages of the 23 children and then assembled age-specific Easter Baskets. We delivered them on Friday to the office to be distributed to the children on Easter Sunday.

staff members with stuffed easter baskets to donate 4 female staff members with stuffed easter baskets

– Malachi Turns 102! –

Malachi with his birthday cake Malachi surrounded by his family

– Mardi Gras –

resident with green mardi gras mask female residents with green and gold mardi gras masks

female resident with feathered mardi gras mask  female resident with gold mardi gras mask
resident with mardi gras hat, mask, and beads  resident enjoying mardi gras celebration wearing a red mask

– Thanksgiving –

Wendy Langford and Gerardo Viudez take a moment to pose before serving the Thanksgiving meal.

Wendy and Gerardo

Gerardo Viudez carves the turkey and ham for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Gerardo carving the turkey

– Operation Christmas Child –

The residents had fun stuffing the boxes full of goodies for Operation Christmas Child.
residents with wrapped gifts for operation christmas child

resident filled box with goodies

– Veterans’ Day Luncheon –

resident being honored on veteran's day  resident being honored on veteran's day
resident being honored on veteran's day  resident being honored on veteran's day staff by buffet table on veteran's day

residents at table with flags couple holding hands at table

– Marion County Chili Cook-Off –

Palm Garden of Ocala competed for the first time in the Annual Marion County Chili Cook-Off and walked away with three trophies! Grand Champion in the Medical Category, 2nd Runner-Up for Team Spirit and 2nd Runner Up for Best of Show Chili. Way to go Team!

chili cookoff winners with their trophies staff members at chili cookoff ingredients display for chili cookoff

-Walk to End Alzheimer’s-

Kudos to the “Palm Garden Memory Strutters” as we marched with over 5 residents and 26 staff members and raised over $6,000!!!

We were the #1 Business in fund raising; #1 Team in fund raising and #1 individual team member who raised over $1500.

palm garden memory strutters team members  memory strutters team captain
smiling team members
photo booth
many memory strutters team members
memory strutters team members
memory strutters team members

-PG Ocala Poppers-

PG Ocala Poppers is a fun way to give recognition to our staff members who go the extra mile and do just a little bit more to make things better for the guests and residents here at Palm Garden. This is a way to acknowledge all they do, including helping our Center perform as a Team.

This is how it works. The employee’s name is brought to the group and told about what they have done to make a difference, the good deed, that special something or a way to promote and help maintain a positive team spirit. The Managers then bring the balloon board to their work area, call the other staff members and they POP a balloon and there is a prize paper inside telling the staff member the prize they have just won. Then at the end of the month, we draw from the winners for a gift card. Then the process starts again.

This has had a positive effect on the employees as well as management. It’s very pleasant to see our staff being rewarded for their hard work. Especially when they love their work.

Ocala staff members smiling staff memberstaff member in front of sign smiling staff member in front of sign staff member talking to nurse

Theresa Heflin posing with the popper board
Theresa Heflin posing with the Popper board.
Samantha Williams ready to throw her dart
Samantha Williams ready to throw her dart.
poppers dart board with balloons

– Alzheimer’s Association Fundraiser –

Since Wanda was kidnapped she has been having lots of fun!

Wanda the stuffed elephant walk to end alzheimer's flyer

Karaoke anyone?

Wanda the stuffed elephant riding a horse

Wanda went downtown and rode a horse.

Wandy's the stuffed elephants kidnapping team

The Kidnapping team, Roxie, Mary-Sue, Janet and Jennifer pose with their “victim.”

– Cookout –

Gerardo with roasted pig

Gerardo is ready to carve the roast pig at the cookout

residents enjoying lemonade

Sarah and John enjoyed a refreshing lemonade

resident eating a popsicle

Jeannette finished off her meal with a popsicle

– Memorial Day Cookout –

We had a great time at the Memorial Day Cookout. Culinary Services provided tasty ribs, baked beans, and potato salad while Jonathan Miller provided the tunes to keep everyone’s toes tapping

staff at memorial day bbq residents outside enjoying the memorial day bbq

– Symphony Under the Stars

Together we enjoyed the “Symphony Under the Stars.” We cherished the moments with those we love. The music was from the movies, the fireworks were everything we imagined. The trees swayed softly in the gentle breeze. The children played and laughed with their mothers and fathers. What a joy. What a delight. Just close your eyes and think of those memories with the ones you love. We hope to bring to your life comfort and smiles. Thank you for all those who participated in making this occasion special for our residents.

large outdoor gathering for symphony under the stars fireworks and people enjoying the concert