Service in Action

Mar 5, 2017 | Blog

“We will serve those in need with humility, grace, and gratitude.
Service is the essence of Palm Garden Culture.”

Palm Garden of Ocala celebrates the life story of each person entrusted to our care. Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we humbly serve. We apply our core value “Service to Others” to the community we serve. The act of service knows no walls, no property lines, and no geography.

We support Helping Hands as part of our overall belief that it is only in giving to our community that we receive. It’s our pleasure to support them based on their strong Christian values. Each month our team members do something special for people under their guidance. With 18 apartments, donated or rented to families in need, they provide spiritual, financial, and educational support for the families to start living a healthy Christian life.

Helping Hands logo and tagline

Service in Action

Staff members with wrapped gifts Staff members with sneakers

Picture on Left: Palm Garden of Ocala provided every child at Helping Hands a new pair of sneakers for the school, gift wrapped by Palm Garden Team Members.

Picture on Right: “We have been doing different little things to try and help, especially with the economy being as it is. I find it rewarding and fully enjoy it. Sharon Baker is the Long Term Care Unit Manger with me in the picture. We had brought them Mother’s Day presents.” –Roxy Acosta

Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you note Handwritten thank you note

…it’s our pleasure

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